This is a unique collection of gemstone pendants, from the very simple slabs of  sliced agate hung on leather to ornate silver hand worked pieces from Bali, The collection also contains  new handmade necklaces made by Aimee including  rare crafted beads in metal and bone, from Tibet, Africa, India and China, bringing fragments of many cultures into a unique harmony. There are also  rare newly released Tibetan agate dZi beads which feature protection from the evil eye. Other beads promote wellness and spiritual recognition.

Luxe MOP Shell Pendant


Brass Shield Pendant


Sterling Silver Dragonfly Pendant on SS chain


Man In The Moon Pendant With Chain


Moroccan Pendant Necklace


Double Strand Jadeite Pendant Necklace


Jade and Amber Pendant Necklace


Handmade Jade Pendant Necklace


Carved Black AgatePendant Necklace